How back taxes can be eliminated for contractors without penalizing their cash flow.

There are a couple of core truths about the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) reach when they want the taxes they believe are due to them.  First, they can and do place liens against taxpayers and their properties.  Second, they can reach right into bank accounts to take money owed them.  And third, they can garnish wages, often taking 30% – 80% off the top of a paycheck. Even worse, they have the authority to take 100% of a paycheck – plus, go after money from a contractor’s customers.  They can do one or all of these actions combined, and they are not worried about whether or not this leaves money for rent, food, and lights. And if they seize a car or house through a blanket levy, it is the taxpayer’s problem to get to work or find a place to live.  It is no wonder that receiving calls and letters from the IRS to collect taxes is intimidating to recipients.  The penalties are severe.

 Make no mistake about it; the IRS is the largest collection agency in the world. 

Contractors have overhead in the midst of getting jobs done, and it can be difficult to keep money in the bank.  It is important to pay employees before taxes; after all, they have families to support and bills to pay.  So the objective becomes getting more business, and working hard to try to keep the IRS at bay while preventing Revenue Officers from showing up in person at a job site.  As one can imagine, it would be embarrassing in front of the crew and customers.  Back tax problems are not something business owners want anyone to know about; it would hurt business, making it harder to get the debt paid, and impact one’s ability to provide for the family and be a good role model for the kids. 

As much as business owners want the IRS problems to just melt away, it won’t happen.  The debt will just get steeper through interest and penalties. 

Qualified assistance is key to reaching tax resolution with the IRS.  And anyone who receives a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Right to a Hearing from the IRS, needs to get expert assistance immediately. Failing to get representation quickly can lead to levies, liens, and invasive collection actions. 

Understand that this is the last chance to bring closure in a proactive manner. With that being said, it is best to reach out to a tax resolution specialist after any letter is received.

One surprising fact that most people don’t know is that it is possible to negotiate with the IRS.  The best way to do this is with a tax attorney in one’s corner who is entrenched in tax law and wise to Revenue Officer tactics and strategies.  At Victory Tax Solutions, tax attorneys are a critical part of a very customer-focused team of professionals. They work with clients across the country and military personnel around the world.   One of the first things the team does is determine if there were errors made in how much a business owner owes, and they take a good look at solutions to one’s situation.

 Experienced tax professionals know taxpayer rights and strive to protect them and deliver results that take the IRS pressure off and give clients their lives back.  At Victory Tax Solutions, the client services team is led by tax attorneys and tax professionals with over 40 years of experience.

 A glance around the website shows a number of positive reviews. One story is particularly inspiring.  Giving the company a five-star rating without compromise, one client said:

“I recommend this company to anyone, and I will be returning to have my taxes done by this company every year from now on. Victory Tax Solutions provided me with amazing (EMPHASIS AMAZING) service. When I called Victory, half of my paychecks were being garnished by the State of California, and the IRS was coming for me soon after for 3 years of back taxes,” explains Virgilio. “Victory truly found me a solution with payment plans that were more than accommodating to me, especially since I had a new baby on the way and money was super tight. Victory Tax Solutions had the garnishments on my paychecks released within a week or two of submitting my first payment beginning my case. Also, they worked mostly with my fiancée, which was much appreciated since my work schedule is so hectic. Victory was always sure to update her regularly with the status of things, and would even call every few weeks just to ask how we were doing. In the end, the deal that Victory worked out for me with the State of California and the IRS totally fit my budget and I now have a renewed sense of comfort in knowing that I will have all of my back taxes repaid in a few years and my family won’t suffer from it; and I never had to call the collectors and sit on hold, not once. Thank you, Steve, Starla and Heather at Victory Tax Solutions for all of your help!!”

Daily, Victory Tax Solutions is securing successful results for clients like Virgilio.  If you have tax issues weighing down your life and livelihood, CLICK HERE to see what solutions are available for you!