“In three weeks, my whole life turned around.”

by Victory Tax Solutions on May 5, 2012 in Blog

This is the story of Diane, a retired Wayne County employee, who found herself in trouble with the IRS, owing more than $25,000, dating back to 2006, and getting “deeper and deeper and deeper in the mud.” In the past, Diane’s lack of money to pay the IRS left her living in fear. The IRS was taking money out of her retirement check AND directly from her bank account. Like many people who can’t afford to pay their back taxes, Diane feared needing professional help, but not having the money to pay for it. Diane had also heard horror stories of companies scamming people like her.

“We’ve all heard of people who need the help, have no money, and then start paying lawyers who tie up their money, and then don’t help at all.”

But all of that changed when Diane’s cousin told her he was working with Victory Tax Solutions and encouraged her to call and get professional help with her own tax debt.

“When I called (Victory Tax Solutions), Starla answered the phone. Her voice was so pleasant—I just knew she was going to help me. I knew this whole IRS nightmare would soon be over.” With all of the other companies, it had been about money—the other companies “were trying to scare me. I knew what the IRS would do (if I didn’t pay). But, at this point, I was calling for help. Starla knew that.”

Which is exactly what happened.

Diane’s call left her relieved. She called, was asked about her situation, was explained the process, and even when she said she couldn’t make any initial payment, Victory Tax Solutions said they would help her anyway. Diane was sent a packet with paperwork, filled it out, mailed it back, and within 14 days, her case was settled, as a “Currently Not Collectible” status with the IRS.

“At Victory, I have truly felt the human touch. I can relax and know that they are on my side. I don’t have to fear not having money to eat because I can’t pay, and I don’t have to worry about paying the IRS again.”

Diane was just one of many people living in fear of the IRS. Multiple tax resolutions companies perpetuated her fear by trying to scare her. If your lifestyle is being crippled by IRS tax debt, call Victory Tax Solutions for a free consultation! We are honest and want to help!

“I would recommend Victory Tax to anybody else.” – Diane.

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