IRS Debt Relief

by Louis Meeks on December 20, 2014 in Blog

IRS Debt Relief

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When I think of IRS debt relief I think about consumers or businesses who have an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt with the IRS or have received a notice from the IRS and that taxes are due.  Or, sometimes they are consumers or business owners looking for tax relief going back many years.  And, when people are looking for relief I think they’re looking for a firm that can help with reducing taxes owed, penalties, or interest.

Occasionally, when our team at Victory Tax solutions are contacted by people requesting help with IRS debt relief, they have no knowledge about the debt the IRS is claiming they owe.   Frequently, that situation results in an innocent spouse relief claim. At Victory Tax solutions, our team of tax attorneys help spouses who have no previous knowledge of the IRS debt their spouses created.  We are experts in helping our clients get out of this stressful problem.

One thing in my experience that I think consumers and or business owners should keep in mind when trying to get help with IRS debt relief, is to really think about what role experience and what role price should play in selecting who they choose to hire.

Victory Tax Solutions, three of the most common types of IRS debt relief we see include: Penalty Abatement, Innocent Spouse Relief, and Currently Not Collectible (CNC).

These are all pretty big words that may seem intimidating and hard to understand.  My goal is to explain one to you and help you understand what it is and how it may apply to yo.  Then, I will take it one step further and share with you a story of an actual Victory Tax Solutions client.  Please enjoy!

Penalty Abatement

Definition:  In its simplest form, the term “penalty abatement” means the ending, reduction, or lessening o penalties.

Examples of common IRS debt relief penalties that may be eligible for penalty abatement:

  • Late filing penalties: These penalties can be as high as 25% of unpaid taxes of the return
  • Late payment penalties: These penalties can be up to 25% of the unpaid taxes
  • Late federal tax deposits: These penalties can be p to 15% of late deposits

Victory Tax Solutions’ team of full time tax attorneys have a great deal of experience in helping its clients achieve success with each of the aforementioned forms of IRS Debt.  The following is one little story of the hundreds we receive every year:

  • Client: Steven G.
  • Residence: Pennsylvania
  • Occupation:  US Armed Forces in Kuwait
  • Testimonial Date: 8/28/2014

IRS Debt Relief delivered by Victory Tax Solutions team: We turned a $22,000 IRS Debt into a $7000 refund.  Mission Accomplished!

Trustworthy.  Outstanding Customer Service!!!

”My experience at Victory Tax Solutions was outstanding.  Erick, Starla, and Jennifer were all completely professional and very understanding. I started with supposedly owing the IRS $22,000.00 dollars.  A couple of months later Victory Tax Solutions had me at a 0 balance with the IRS and on top of that i am receiving a $7,000 dollar refund! They listen and care about your issues and help you take the steps you need to take to have all of your problems fixed and back to getting a good night’s sleep! Thank you very much Victory Tax Solutions!” –Steven G.  Pennsylvania

f you, or someone you know has an IRS tax debt and you need IRS Debt Relief, the Victory Tax Solutions team would be honored to serve you.  And, what is even better, we have full time account executives here to provide a free consultation.   Please call today.  Our toll free number is 877-772-0123.  


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