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IRS Tax Relief

What is IRS tax relief? IRS Tax Relief can be achieved when you solve your IRS tax debt problems.  There are many people out there struggling with IRS tax debt.  IRS debt could stem from many things including under withholding, a mistake on your tax return, or early withdrawal from retirement plans.  IRS tax debt can result in the IRS trying to seize your money in several different ways including liens and levies against you wages and social security. Don’t let yourself be someone that is held back by IRS tax debt.

There are several ways that IRS Tax Relief can be achieved.

Accurate Tax Returns – By having our tax professionals prepare your tax returns you can be confident that they will be prepared correctly.  Tax returns that are prepared correctly insure that you are getting back all the money that you deserve.  If your tax returns were prepared incorrectly in the past Victory Tax Solutions may be able to file reconsideration returns to adjust the amount that you owe to the IRS.

Installment Agreements – There are several different repayment plans available depending on your income, ability to pay and amount of debt.  Our tax attorneys can help set you up in the right type of installment agreement.

Currently Not Collectible – Depending on your ability to pay the amount you owe to the IRS, you may qualify for currently not collectible status.  If you qualify for currently not collectible the IRS will stop all collection activity including levies. Our tax attorneys will collect financial information and determine whether you may qualify for currently not collectible status.

Offers in Compromise- Depending on the amount of tax you owe and your income you might be eligible to pay less than the full amount of tax owed.  Offers in Compromise include a full financial review and take several months for a determination to be made.

The IRS can be extremely difficult to work with on your own. Here at Victory Tax Solutions we specialize in IRS Tax Relief.  Let us deal with the IRS for you!

You can trust our tax professionals to file your current or back tax returns correctly and efficiently. If you do owe money to the IRS we will find the resolution that will work best for you.

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