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by Louis Meeks on November 24, 2014 in Blog

As many of us recall, just a few years back, the United States was going through the worst recession since the Great Depression.  As unemployment spread throughout the United States, many Americans found themselves with back tax problems.  An unfortunate byproduct of the personal hardships that repeats itself time and time again is that companies pop up to take advantage of people down on their luck.  That happened in the tax resolution industry as many unscrupulous companies popped up to “serve” people with back tax problems.

How well were hard working Americans served by these tax resolution companies?

The three largest tax resolution firms had between 400 and 800 Better Business Bureau complaints each.  This statistic made my stomach turn, quite frankly.  The industry became so bad, there were Attorney Generals from many states going after the biggest players in this industry.  Some of the questions I asked myself….

  1. How can people sleep at night knowing their company and their employees rip off their clients?
  2. Why would any employee even be willing to work for these rip-off tax resolution firms?
  3. What can I do to help?

I founded Victory Tax Solutions in 2009 in the heart of the recession.  My philosophy was simple.  I set out to build a company with honest team members serving clients at a very fair price.  The first thing I did was create our Mission Statement.

The Victory Tax Solutions Mission Statement is:

“To deliver the greatest results while providing extraordinary service to each and every client”

Every team  member we hire is measured against our Mission Statement.  If prospective team members do not truly enjoy serving others, we will not hire them, period.

Five years later, I am so proud of the tax resolution team we have built.  The Victory Tax Resolution team shows up to work every day pumped up to serve our clients and fulfill  our mission.

If you have a state tax problem, a federal or IRS tax problem, whether it be personal or business, give Victory Tax Solutions a call.  We have a super friendly staff of experienced tax professionals ready to help you any way we can.  We are looking forward to demonstrating to you how we have  earned the reputation as being “Americas Trusted Tax Team”


Louis W. Meeks II

President and Founder
Victory Tax Solutions, LLC


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