Tax Relief Companies – Why Do I Need Them?

by Louis Meeks on November 26, 2014 in Blog


Let’s say you’ve just received your first letter from the Internal Revenue Service.  You may or may not have known it was coming, but you certainly had no idea that the bottom line was going to be this much!  Estimated balances, penalties on top of penalties, and interest going back months, sometimes years – the IRS is telling you that you now owe thousands of dollars, and that you need to contact them RIGHT NOW.  You don’t believe that you owe all this money, and you certainly know that there is no way that you can make the payment they are asking for, so what should you do?

When the federal or state governing tax authority gives you that notice to indicate that they are seeking unpaid taxes, are looking to adjust your past years’ filed tax information, or have filed your missing tax returns and assessed balances against you as a result, a critical first step in dealing with this situation is contacting a reputable and effective tax relief company.

Upon first contact, a good tax relief company will help you understand why the IRS or state is claiming you owe the amounts they say you owe, and can give you an idea of the best way to combat those situations where you believe that the government is mistaken or not in full knowledge of the circumstances.  If it turns out that you do owe back taxes or other tax-related debts, a tax relief company understands the payment programs that are available to you and can assist you in finding a payment plan that will work for your budget.  Perhaps most importantly, a tax relief company provides a barrier between you and the IRS or state government, handling all of the contacts and negotiations with the taxing authority, allowing you some relief from the stress and aggravation that often accompanies tax debt collection practices.

As shown above, it is obvious that finding a good tax relief company is important to satisfactorily settle your tax debt matter.  But how do you know if a tax relief company is good?

After all, a quick internet search will reveal hundreds of different tax relief companies, each one espousing their own attributes and credentials.  Nevertheless, there are ways to find out whether that tax relief company you are looking at is truly as good as they say.  For instance, is the company accredited through watchdog associations like the Better Business Bureau?  Does the company have a long history of complaints or unsatisfied customers on sites such as Ripoff Report?  Finally, can the tax relief company provide real-life success stories from actual clients?

At Victory Tax Solutions, we have the personnel and the reputation to capably demonstrate that we are the tax relief company you should choose.  We are a BBB-accredited company.  We are a Ripoff Report Verified Company, meaning we have been identified by Ripoff Report as a trustworthy business with a high satisfaction rate.  Indeed, our clients have indicated a 99% satisfaction rate.  More than that, our website contains dozens of independently-verified testimonials from our past clients, expressing their satisfaction and gratitude on a variety of tax debt issues.

We are ready to help you with your tax problem today.  Give us a call or chat online with one of our account executives today, and allow us to show you that we are the only tax relief company you will need to know.

Please feel free to call us at any time.  Our toll free number is 877-772-0123.

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