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What is a cp504 notice?

This is the final notice that you have a balance due on a tax account. The IRS has previously sent the taxpayer notices about a balance due on a tax account. This urgent notice alerts you that there is an outstanding balance and the IRS intends to levy or take your state tax refunds.

Understanding each notice the IRS sends to you is crucial. When you receive a CP504 notice from the IRS, it means they’re done asking. We understand how sobering and nerve-wracking this can be for anyone here at Victory Tax Solutions. We’ve helped thousands of Tax Payers prevent a Levy and Tax Seizures that could have forced a lot of our clients into dire need of help. This is not a situation we take likely and neither should you. Let our team of Tax Consultants, Attorneys, and paralegals walk you through the steps to once and for all end your tax debt with the IRS.

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