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What do you do when you can’t afford to pay the IRS or they are threatening a wage garnishment? An Offer in Compromise may be an option for you, and our tax experts can help determine if an Offer in Compromise is right for you.

If you qualify, an Offer in Compromise is an agreement between you and the IRS to resolve your tax debt for less than you owe. The IRS has the authority to reduce or settle tax liabilities, when certain financial conditions exist. Most commonly, it happens when the IRS deems the taxpayer unlikely to be able to pay the full liability prior to the expiration of the collection statute. An Offer in Compromise reflects what the taxpayer could realistically pay.

When our team of tax professionals negotiate an Offer in Compromise, our clients can have peace of mind, knowing that they and the IRS have come to a reasonable resolution. According to government documents, in 2007, through Offers in Compromise, the IRS collected 17 cents for every $1 owed.

At Victory Tax Solutions, we will take on the burden of dealing with the IRS for you. Our team is highly experienced and well qualified to help negotiate an Offer in Compromise for our clients qualifying for the program.

An Offer in Compromise program is very complex and time-consuming requiring our experts to work with you and the IRS for 6-24 months. However, when you hire Victory Tax Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that our tax team has the experience you need when dealing with the IRS.