Victory Tax Solutions Specializes In...

Victory Tax Solutions, led by its experienced team of tax attorneys can help you reach a tax relief agreement with the IRS. Using proven strategies, our knowledgeable experts can assist you through removing tax liens, filing back tax returns, reducing tax penalties, stopping wage garnishments, formulating offer in compromise, reducing tax interest, removing tax levies, handling payroll tax liabilities, and IRS audits. 

Our Approach

Our unique approach has proven to be the right approach for our clients. This approach includes a complete investigation of your tax situation by a licensed tax attorney to gain a clear understanding of your tax problem. Once we have a clear understanding we will present you with best solutions for your tax problems. You will not pay any fees for our resolution services until you choose which solution is best for you. Put the Victory passion to work for you today. It is The Right Choice. It is Your Right Choice.



Our Investigation process begins by filing a Form 2848 with the IRS and/or the appropriate form for the State Taxing authority on your behalf. This enables Victory Tax Solutions attorneys to access a complete record of your tax account. Your dedicated tax attorney assigned to your case will call the dedicated priority practitioner services line of the IRS. The goal is to get a complete understanding of your IRS or state tax liabilities. At the same time, one of our Paralegals will complete a Client Financial Review with you. This consists of a 20 – 30 minute call. The goal is to develop an understanding of your current financial situation. Our team, led by your tax attorney will analyze your financials and compare them to the IRS or applicable state’s allowable standards. This will result in a determination of the best course of IRS tax resolution. Upon completion of our investigation, you will be contacted with our findings, and be presented with your options to resolve your tax issues once and for all.



The resolution phase of our process starts by gathering additional detailed financial information and supporting documentation. Frequently, this included preparing tax returns for past years. This will put our tax resolution team in a position to finalize an in depth proposal for submission to the IRS and/or State. Following the submission process, there will likely be significant follow up and contact with the IRS and/or State. The length of time to obtain a resolution of your tax liabilities varies and is based on the program you apply for. Upon completion of your resolution, we will contact you with specific details of your resolution. We will also provide any important information necessary to ensure you avoid future tax problems. Throughout our relationship, you may get in touch with our tax professionals at any time with questions, concerns or changes, if necessary. Our team is here for you and our goal is to not only fix your current tax issues, but to continue to complete your tax returns in future years