"Our team understands the only reason we are in business, is because we serve and satisfy our clients every day. We
always put our clients first. Let us show you."  –Louis Meeks II, President

“Great help and helped me with my issues!”

I was in a bind with some issues on unfiled taxes and owed tax debt. Victory helped me work through the issues and fix everything. I was very happy with what they helped me achieve. Very satisfied!
— L. Downing, 2014

“very helpfull”

I was being garnished by the IRS for over a year. Having trouble making rent and other bills. I contacted Victory and they really stepped up for me. They worked with me on a payment plan, which was very accommodating, and eventually got my IRS payment cut to something that I can afford.
— Mike Hackett, 2014

“Woo Hoo!! Victory Tax Solutions did exactly what they said!!”

Hey, I just wanted you to know that when I contacted Victory Tax Solutions with my tax problem that they were very professional to tell me all the options that I had. The worked with me and we found the best solution and they not only explained it to me, they put work to their words. I was very happy in the outcome and would gladly recommend this company to you or anyone else!!
— Billy Irions, 2014

“Victory Tax Solutions come through for me and my family!”

I was told by two separate tax agencies that I would need to pay a large amount of $$ to the Fed and State. Victory Tax Solutions handled my case and not only did I not pay anything, they got me a nice refund.

Thank you Victory Tax Solutions!!
— Jose, 2014

“Victory Tax Solutions solved my IRS problems”

I owed the IRS a lot of money and I knew that eventually they were going to press for payment. My income went over minimum limit for not filing in 2013 and put me back on the radar of the IRS, who began to press for payment. I contacted Starla at Victory Tax Solutions and she put me in contact with Jeff, one of the agents who work for Victory. The cost to me for their work and solution are definitely worth it. I am now paying the IRS back and they are off my back. I cannot tell you the relief I felt once Victory Tax Solutions took over my problem. They were creative and worked very hard to provide a payment plan that the IRS accepted and one that I could afford. I thank Victory Tax Solutions for their inestimable help in solving my tax problem.
— Stephen D. Schmidt, 2014

“Victory Tax Solutions is a One-stop Shop for tax-related Issues”

The staff of Victory Tax Solutions are honest and highly professional. I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with tax problems.
— Pamela Schade, 2014

“God Sent”

I have been battling a tax issue for over 10 years. I could not get the issue resolved. The IRS placed a lien on me, and also a garnishment.
Then I called VICTORY TAX SOLUTIONS, MR Steve Hook answered the phone, With in 5 minutes of Talking to MR Hook I knew that Victory tax was the right place for me. I was assigned MR Lyle Warren as my tax attorney.
And within one week, MR Warren had the IRS to Release my lien, and lift my garnishment. And I also received a letter from the IRS stating I had a zero balance, Are you kidding me. I wish I had found Victory tax 10 years ago. Thank you, MR Lyle Warren and MR Steve Hook at Victory tax, for Given me my life back.
— Pamela Schade, 2014

“Got me out of a big jam!”

Of course as everybody is, I was a nervous wreck when I received mail from the IRS. I contacted Victory Tax, and they took care of everything for me, and I was happy with the results. They answered all my questions in a timely fashion, and the best thing is I didn’t have to deal with the IRS at all!! Would definitely recommend to anyone.
— Tom, 2014

“If you are stress and need help with the IRS call Danielle at Victory Tax Solutions!”

We first talked to Danielle. She asked a few questions and immediately got started assisting us . She said they could help and thankfully VTS did. It took some time; but Brett, part-time counselor, was able to reach an agreement we could live with. We recommend anyone with an outstanding or unresolved tax issue to contact Victory Tax Solutions; hopefully you will get to work with Danielle and Brett like we did. They are the best!
— James & CJ, 2014

“Victory Tax worked for me!”

I have to say after calling several other companies even sitting thru painful consultations. I figured I would go one more step and look up a company on the BBB site. The first company in Michigan I found I called, It was Victory tax. I spoke with Steve and from that moment on my problems and worries about the IRS were over. Steve and Jeff immediately got on my case within 7 days all my questions and concerns were answered and taken care of. I will always be grateful for Victory Tax. Thanks again to everyone at Victory Tax.
— Mr & Mrs Loomis, 2014

“Outstanding Service!”

I highly recommend Victory Tax Solutions! They gave prompt results and follow up in dealing with the IRS for me. Although my tax filing needs were unique, this was not a problem for Victory,they were very professional and effective. What a relief and all from the comfort of my home thru the Internet! I,ll be utilizing their services again next year!
— Gail Hood, 2014

“Victory Tax Solutions saved my life”

I have to admit, I did not happen upon Victory all on my own. My wife found them on-line, and said they had great reviews. My story is simple. I had years of unfiled returns. My fear was how do I negotiate settlements on my own. Well the extremely professional people at Victory Tax eased my mind from the very start. I was very comfortable after my first conversation with Steve Hook. He then put me in touch with Brett Wallace, who handled my case from begining to end. I am now completely compliant with both the state and IRS, and I owe that all to Victory Tax. I would recommend them to anyone I knew, or even a perfect stranger!
— Wendell W. Thomas, 2014

“Honest, straightforward, and very fair with me. They saved me much money.”

I have not been employed for several years so I haven’t even filed income tax returns for this time. The IRS sent a notice that I owed them a return for unreported income of over $290,000 for 2012. I had received an inheritance that was told to me was “no taxes owed”. Frankly, VTS informed me that they estimated that I owed about $40,000 in taxes to the IRS. I had to do something because I couldn’t figure out a 13 page statement from the company that I invested the money with and was afraid of the IRS like many people are. So I agreed to an rather expensive contract for services from VTS that was going to require many months of payments from me but leave me free. After making a few payments to VTS they were able to sort thru the financial confusion and prepare my 2012 tax return. VTS determined that I actually owed no money to the IRS. AND, they cancelled my contract with them and MADE MY DAY!
— Martin Nielson, 2014

“VERY Professional, Convenient and Smooth!”

The team from Victory Tax Solutions took care of me! Danielle and Lyle were a pleasure to work with since day 1. I would and will recommend Victory to anyone with tax issues!
— James R., 2014

I really like the work the company for me I had a terrible outcome with another company with this company they did everything they they would do I would recommend them to anyone in tax trouble

Victory tax help me sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to look behind me anymore thank you for all you have done you guys are very friendly
— Terrance Rogers, 2014


just want to say Thank you so very much to your staff for your assistance and piece of mind. I was stuck with this Tax Headache for years, and still wasn’t sure how I was going to resolve this or make go away. Once I contacted your office, everyone was very helpful, sympathetic and understanding. I totally appreciate your approach and how we agree how to resolve it. Most Definately will recommend your services to anyone that has Tax problems Specially if you owe the IRS Thousands. It felt like Quick Sand.
Once Again to The Victory Tax Resolutions Staff
Thank You!!!!!!!
— J.M.Rivera, 2014

“Resolution of all IRS issues.”

Victory Tax resolved all IRS issues brought about by working overseas for a long period of time. They completed everything is a very short period of time in a very professional and courteous manner. They kept me informed with all the progress as well as any issues that arrived and involved me in any decisions that needed to be made. I would highly recommend Victory Tax to anyone that has tax issues.
— Tom Hurst, 2014

“Awesome !!!!!”

Victory Tax Solutions are my lifeline, I called the company asking 1001 questions, I was put at ease right away, I felt so comfortable with all my IRS problems, right away, and you have to recognize when you’re dealing with the IRS that’s not always easy. So if I ever experience any future problems which I don’t foresee, I know they will always be there for me. The people who work for Victory tax solutions are so easy to talk to, their lawyers are exactly as friendly and helpful, big shout out to Wanda, Matt, and Brett... you people saved me. Forever grateful and blessed...
— Rosemary M.Cansio, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 2014

“Very helpfull great people to work with.”

The people at Victory Tax was always there for us. Everyone was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We never expected to have such a great outcome. Thank you everyone a Victory Tax Solution.
— Jeffery M Hofer, 2014

“Trustworthy !!! Outstanding Customer Service!!!”

My experience at Victory Tax Solution was outstanding, Erick, Starla, and Jennifer were all completly professional and very understanding. I started with supposedly oweing the IRS $22,000.00 dollars, a couple of months later Victory Tax Solutions had me at a 0 balance with the IRS and on top of that i am receiving a $7,000 dollar refund! They listen and care about your issues and help you take the steps you need to take to have all of your problems fixed and back to getting a good nights sleep!
Thank you very much Victory Tax Solutions!
— Steven Green, 2014


We had many years of taxes that needed to be filed and they worked quickly to get them filed. They were up front and honest with us from the very beginning. They told us what to expect from the IRS and the time frame it would take to resolve our situation. They got the IRS to work with us and helped us plan for future taxes. They answered every question and made us feel confident we could get our tax situation resolved without losing any of our assets.
They were reasonably priced where we could afford it. They have an amazing staff that is up to date on tax laws. They were there every step of the way for us! Amazing people and we would recommend them to anyone who has past tax problems.
— LL & CJ, 2014

“Outstanding relief!”

I got my money back; relieved from the pressure of a bullying state run amok (California): and was able to relax free of concern that the state would confiscate funds of mine which they had no right to.
Victory Tax Service did all this for me, in less than two months!
Thanks very much.
This really happened and I’m not being compensated for my testimonial.
— Michael Kliemann, 2014

“Excellent service”

- Very helpful
- Maintained good communication with client
- Good follow-up after the work is finished.
— Tess, 2014

“Freedom and Piece of mind feels Great!!!”

I was stressed, lost and frustrated...I had no idea what I was going to do regarding my issue with the IRS, they were looking to garnish me which would have caused me so much turmoil...then one evening a very close friend of mine mentioned victory solutions...and I will tell you they turned out to be better than I thought. Erick and Lyle were very patient with me, very professional, down to earth and understanding, they went above and beyond to assist me with my debt, communicating with me to the very end. I will thank them over and over for their wonderful help. If you are over your head with IRS tax debt they are the ones to call.
— Joseph, 2014

“Just what I needed!!! And on time!”

My experience with Victory Tax Solutions has been awesome. Prior to contacting VTS, I was constantly worried about my tax problems with the IRS and I had no idea of how to approach the situation. This feeling was mainly based on the many negative stories that I’ve always heard about the IRS. VTS eliminated my fears and dealt directly with the IRS, which gave me a great level of comfort. I learned of VTS from a commercial, again fear and reservations set in. However, those fears and reservations were quickly set aside. VTS treated me like a PERSON! They did EVERYTHING that they said they would do. Even during the time that I became hesitant, VTS remained consistent and continued to work with me. VTS made sure that I could afford the agreement and offered suggestions when I wanted to go a different route regarding payments. I’ve been very pleased with VTS and would recommend them to anyone facing tax problems!
— Cassandra Scott, 2014

“Victory tax solution is the very best.”

Victory tax solution I would tell my family’s to contact if their a tax problem in the family they help me.
— Carroll Richardson, 2014

“if you have tax issues go with victory”

These people know how to take care of your problems. So I would give them a call and let them get started solving your problems before they get worse.
— Charles Powell, 2014

“Stress Relief”

Owing IRS money is one of the most stressful experiences in life. It hangs over you like huge pallet of bricks. Victory Tax Solutions helped take the stress away so that I could get on with my life. The Staff was always helpful and friendly from the first phone call until my issue was resolved. They were always there to answer my questions and treated me like a friend instead of a client.
— Sid Montez, 2014

“Great Team to work with”

I appreciate the time and diligence of the Victory Tax team as we work through my tax issues. They are supportive in my quest to improve my quality of life. Much Thanks!
— Kimberly, 2014

“Fantastic, flexible group to work with”

Victory Tax Solutions was a great team to work with. They were always prompt with their responses to me whenever I had a question and thoroughly explained my options and guided me through the process. Since I was unable to pay them in full for their services up front, they put me on a flexible payment plan that fit my situation. They not only helped me in resolving and negotiating a solution, but they are continuing to help out until everything is completely resolved. I would recommend Victory Tax Solutions to anyone who is facing any tax problems and isn’t sure where to turn. They added piece of mind while I was going through a not-so-great situation and even followed up with me on weekends when I had a concern. Thank you Victory Tax Solutions!
— Zachary, 2014

“very well taken care of”

Took very good care of me. They were polite and patient with me . In the end they did everything they could to help me in my situation and I would refer them to anyone in need of tax help
— Russell, 2014

“Victory Tax helped keep me from freaking out!!!!”

Steve Hook and Jeff Murray did in a matter of days what I thought would take weeks.Steve kept in constant contact via e-mail and phone calls,I was always able to reach him by phone no matter what time of day I called.They kept me calm during a stressful event in my life and explained what was going on in terms that were easy to understand.I would recommend Victory Tax Solutions to anyone with an IRS issue,no matter how large or small.
— Wyatt, 2014

“Made complicated issues easy for me”

I called them having little information and no idea what needed to be done to solve my tax issues. They were helpful, explained my options clearly and helped me to resolve all my problems.
— Cameron, 2014

“Exceeded expectations with speedy results!”

Cannot say enough great things about the thorough job and the speed of execution for Brett! He explained the process to us and with Erick’s follow-up, they put an agonizing past few years at peace! Thank you to Brett, Erick and Starla for all their help! Would highly recommend this team!
— Kimberly, 2014

“worked for us”

after a rough start with Victory Tax Solutions we finally were able to get a settlement all turned out well I would recommend using their services
— Jolayne, 2014

“Leave it to the experts!”

I have been very pleased with both expertise and customer service from VTS! From the very beginning, they have walked through every step in detail and clearly explained what was taking place and why. I have a full time job (plus some) and my time is very valuable to me, so I needed to find a company that I could trust ... since I don’t have the time to educate myself, let alone the patience. It’s been a much easier experience that I initially thought and I highly recommend VTS to anyone with tax issues (past or present)
— Jason, 2014

“If you’re looking for tax advice, I can definitely recommend this company.. VICTORY TAX SOLUTIONS...”

absolutely great experience!!! talking with Brett Wallace is easy as 123!! Aside from his expertise as a specialist, can consider him also as a great financial analyst or adviser, Their service is boundaryless, should I say. I will Definitely l be a regular customer! My phone calls were answered instantly, my questions and concerns were handled as if I was their only client, they set me up with a payment plan and I am very happy and very happy with the excellent service that was provided to me. They were all great. For all your tax related concerns, call Brett Wallace at 877-772-0123 ex109.
— Amena Nofal, 2014

“VTS exceeded our expectations!”

My husband & I owed over $12,000 to the IRS and were on an installment payment plan. When I became unemployed, we contacted VTS to look into our situation. The process was explained to us very clearly and when we thought we hit a brick wall with an unfavorable resolution, our tax attorney didn’t give up! He contacted us a few days later & we proceeded to pursue a different avenue with the IRS. As it turned out, we were able to reduce all fees & even received a refund from the IRS! We could NOT have done it without VTS! Our tax attorney (Brett Wallace) was professional, courteous, & most importantly, tenacious! He responded to every phone call & email in a timely manner. We are so grateful to have found VTS and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! I would recommend them to anyone that needs someone to help them with any IRS issue.
— Oscar And Cynthia, 2014

“Saved the Day!”

Victory Tax Solutions helped my family with a serious tax situation. They helped us get the IRS off our backs and stopped wage garnishments from occurring. My husband and I both lost our jobs and could not make the large tax debt payments. Victory made it possible for us hold off on paying the IRS while we get back on our feet.
— John, 2014

“Victory Tax Solution Rocks!”

We had gotten into a situation with our taxes. We had made payment arrangements with the I.R.S. . We were late one month and they sent us a very upsetting letter, seems because we had been late ,that would cancel out our contract to make the payments and they wanted all the money now. Not knowing what to do , but knowing we needed help, my husband went through the yellow pages of the phone book and found Victory Tax solutions. He called and we talked with Eric. He was so nice and helpful and got us back on good terms with the I.R.S. . Our story doesn’t end there. Eric would call us every once in a while to make sure every thing was okay, offered us help and guidiance if we needed it. I was really glad when he called a few months ago because things had really changed. My husband ended up in the hospital and the Doctor said he needed to apply for disability because his health was so bad he could no longer work. Worried about how we would pay all the bills but espically the tax agreement. I asked Eric how we could get our payments lowered... he took care of every thing. he got us a lawyer who contacted the I. R.S. and because of our situation we don’t have to make payments. We will still owe and if things change, will pay what we owe...but for now they won’t be harassing us. I was skeptical when my husband first called Victory Tax Solution, but I am so glad he did. No way could we have handled this without help . I would recommend this company to anyone having tax promblems..and when you call ask for Eric..he’ll get you what you need and put your mind at ease. Thanks Eric and everyone else from Victory Tax Solutions.
— Carol & Michael Elliott, Kansas, 2014

“They’ve taken away a lot of the stress during this stressful time.”

They’ve helped me by dealing with the tax issues my husband got us into during a time when I needed to focus on my husband after his accident. Without their help I wouldn’t of been able to handle both my husband’s care until his death and this the tax issues. Thank you to the Victory team for all their hard work.
— Patricia, 2014

“VTS and Jennifer Long are the real deal !”

My nightmare began in the summer of 2012, I received an IRS notice that I owed over $70,000 in back taxes. Needless to say that a notice like that gives you a new perspective on the exact location of your rear end. I entrusted my tax return to that H&R somebody and ended up with an IRS dilemma. After going back and forth with the H&R people I decided it was more important to take care of the IRS problem and then deal with the incompetence of my tax preparer. That night I spent several hours on the inter-web and found VTS and Erick Finkiewicz. Immediately he assured me that in some way shape or form this issue would get resolved, that night I felt a bit of relief and was able to sleep without that heavy burden of taking on the IRS by myself. VTS gave my case to Jennifer Long, ( words cannot be put in this review that can measure the gratitude that I owe to this person that I only know by phone calls and E-mails ), Jennifer took my case, explained to me the situation that I was in, and how we were going to get resolution with it. I’m not going to tell you that things were resolved over night because they weren’t, but Jennifer kept me abreast of everything the whole time. Finally in May of this year I received resolution in my case. I could not be any happier with the outcome that VTS and Jennifer Long got for me. VTS is located in Ann Arbor, MI. and I’m in Miami Fl. but it always felt like they were right up the street from me, all my phone calls and E-Mails were always answered expeditiously. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for professionals to deal with a serious problem with the precision of a surgeon. THANK YOU VICTORY TAX SOLUTIONS AND A WARM HEART FELT THANK YOU TO JENNIFER LONG !!!!!! (yes I’m yelling).
— Jose, 2014

“A life saving experience!”

We were “Up the creek” with the IRS and didn’t know where to turn. This came after a failed business venture, which resulted in bankruptcy. During the course of the bankruptcy we fell behind with some taxes and the IRS added fees and interest making a catch up on our own impossible.
After contacting Victory Tax Solutions and talking to their friendly and knowledgeable agents, we had our first good night’s sleep in months!
We truly think that Victory Tax Solutions saved our health as well as our home, and we would recommend their service to everyone with a tax problem.
Thank You Victory Tax Solutions!
— James&Carol, 2014

“So glad we called Victory Tax Solutions they have been very astudious in taking vare of our tax situation.”

Would recommend Victory to anyone. Their attention to detail is tremendous. Thank you Brett Wallace Victory Tax Solutions. :)
— Thomas, 2014

“Kind, fast and professional”

it was the best experience I could have hoped for, they were kind fast and professional.
— Brian, 2014

“Worth my time and money.”

I was really skeptical of using this company since I lived in a different state, I do believe in talking face to face, but it has been very much worth my time and money. Tax solutions stopped my garnishment and has assisted with my tax preparation. Now I’m still following their guidance to get this matter completely taken care of. I LOVE TAX SOLUTIONS!
— Paula, 2014
Well, it all started when the IRS finally caught up to me! I could no longer afford to ignore them and knew I was going to need professional help. I had been seeing all these TV and radio commercials for tax help. I don’t have a lot of money to waste so it was very important to me to select a reputable team that would help me. I did my research, and with the good reviews and an A rating from the BBB, I settled for Victory Tax Solutions. With my first call to them, I told them my problems, they were very knowledgeable, explained the process and they made me feel that I would be in good hands. Victory Tax Solutions has helped me thru a difficult tax issue. They have kept me appraised of my case and are always ready to answer any questions I may have. I’d like to thank Heather and Steve, they are the best. And that goes for the whole team too. I recommend them highly!
— Diane T. California, 2014
“Absolutely the best decision we could have made.”
I am very thankful for the fast professional service I received from Victory Tax Solutions. They were extremely professional and understanding, Eric, Brett, and Starla were excellent in making a fast and easy process for a solution to my IRS problem. I would recommend them to every body that has IRS issues.
— Gary, 2014
“5 star service with no compromise!!!”
I recommend this company to anyone, and I will be returning to have my taxes done by this company every year from now on. Victory Tax Solutions provided me with amazing (EMPHASIS AMAZING) service. When I called Victory, half of my paychecks were being garnished by the State of California, and the IRS was coming for me soon after for 3 years of back taxes. Victory truly found me a solution with payments plans that were more than accommodating to me, especially since I had a new baby on the way and money was super tight. Victory Tax Solutions had the garnishments on my paychecks released within a week or two of submitting my first payment beginning my case. Also, they worked mostly with my fiance, which was much appreciated since my work schedule is so hectic. Victory was always sure to update her regularly with the status of things, and would even call every few weeks just to ask how we were doing. In the end, they deal that Victory worked out for me with the State of California and the IRS totally fit my budget and I now have a renewed sense of comfort in knowing that I will have all of my back taxes repaid in a few years and my family won’t suffer from it; and I never had to call the collectors and sit on hold not once. Thank you Steve, Starla and Heather at Victory Tax Solutions for all of your help!!
— Virgilio, 2014
“VTS and Jennifer Long are the real deal!”
My nightmare began in the summer of 2012, I received an IRS notice that I owed over $70,000 in back taxes. Needless to say that a notice like that gives you a new perspective on the exact location of your rear end. I entrusted my tax return to that H&R somebody and ended up with an IRS dilemma. After going back and forth with the H&R people I decided it was more important to take care of the IRS problem and then deal with the incompetence of my tax preparer. That night I spent several hours on the inter-web and found VTS and Erick Finkiewicz. Immediately he assured me that in some way shape or form this issue would get resolved, that night I felt a bit of relief and was able to sleep without that heavy burden of taking on the IRS by myself. VTS gave my case to Jennifer Long, ( words cannot be put in this review that can measure the gratitude that I owe to this person that I only know by phone calls and E-mails ), Jennifer took my case, explained to me the situation that I was in, and how we were going to get resolution with it. I’m not going to tell you that things were resolved over night because they weren’t, but Jennifer kept me abreast of everything the whole time. Finally in May of this year I received resolution in my case. I could not be any happier with the outcome that VTS and Jennifer Long got for me. VTS is located in Ann Arbor, MI. and I’m in Miami Fl. but it always felt like they were right up the street from me, all my phone calls and E-Mails were always answered expeditiously. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for professionals to deal with a serious problem with the precision of a surgeon. THANK YOU VICTORY TAX SOLUTIONS AND A WARM HEART FELT THANK YOU TO JENNIFER LONG !!!!!! (yes I’m yelling).
— J Gonzalez. Florida, 2014
When I was approached by the IRS to garnish my wages I was devastated by the amount that would be taken each month from my payroll. I would not be able to afford the basic essentials such housing, food or transportation to and from work. I knew I had to act quickly and all I could think of was that I needed to have victory over this debt. The word “VICTORY” stuck out to me. So I went to the Better Business Bureau website and typed in the words “VICTORY” and “TAX” and this is how I found Victory Tax Solutions. I read their A+ rating score, gave them a call. Immediately after my first visit they began working on my behalf setting up a payment schedule that I could easily afford and contacting the IRS preventing the garnishments against me. They communicated with the IRS to resolve my tax debt by setting up a plan that I could easily follow. I now have the “VICTORY”. If you are feeling like there is no way out pick of the phone call now and you too will have the victory with “VICTORY TAX SOLUTIONS”!
— K Morris. Michigan, 2014
“No words can truly express my gratitude…”
I want to thank your expert team for your critical assistance with my IRS obligation. I especially want to note the due diligence and extraordinary efforts taken in bringing my case to a workable conclusion that allows me to fulfill my obligations in a manageable way. Victory Tax solutions has provided me with inner strength and confidence that has enabled me to continue working full time in a demanding and often stressful job. Worrying about the IRS clearly impacts my ability to focus and be effective in my my role as an R.N. I am indebted to all of you for helping me rebuild my life. I am humbled and grateful. No words can truly express my gratitude. Know that your hard work helping me, enables me to continue helping others. My Heartfelt Thanks!
— D.D. Washington, 2014
“We could not have achieved this outcome without you and the Victory team…”
Thank you especially for all your help. We could not have achieved this outcome without you and the Victory team.

We had an outstanding experience working with the professionals at Victory Tax Solutions. Our case spanned only four short months and resulted in a resolution beyond our expectations. Victory has a professional staff that responded quickly and promptly to questions and concerns as our case progressed. Victory took into consideration our financial situation and set up a payment plan for their services, even offering to forgo payments while continuing to work on our case. We are very pleased with the service Victory provided and would recommend them to anyone having issues with the IRS.
— J.F. Indiana, 2014
The IRS was garnishing my Social…
The IRS was garnishing my Social Security and they cleaned out my bank account. I was barely making ends meet with the garnishment but when they took the money out of my bank account, I did know how I was going to survive. I called Victory Tax Solutions and within 5 days, the bank levy was lifted and my social security checks are no longer garnished. I only wish I would have called them sooner.
— T.T. Washington, 2013
“I wish I would have come here first!…”
I wish I would have come here first! I am very happy with the service I got from Victory Tax. The staff is very good at doing what’s best for you. I would highly recommend Victory Tax for anyone with a tax problem… I wish I would have come here before going to Tax Masters where I lost over $2500 for nothing.
— Denny G. Colorado, 2013
“I really appreciate everything Victory…”
I really appreciate everything Victory Tax Solutions have done for us. Since receiving the IRS letter, we have not been able to sleep. Knowing our situation has been resolved, we will finally be able to rest easy.
— NR. Colorado, 2013
Thank you so much for your quick resolution and professionalism, I was very impressed. When my husband and I came to you, we were already in a payment plan for a past liability and were afraid of how much more we would need to pay each month, as we are on a limited income. To my surprise, our payment to the IRS did not change after rolling in an additional $7000 from 2012. Special thank you to Rebekah, I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent us.
— C.L. Kansas, 2013
Even though my problem was not something that Victory could help me with, I am very happy with the work they did to uncover the source of my issue. If I know anyone that actually has a tax issue, I would refer them to Victory in a heartbeat.
— JO, 2013
“I owed $610,000 to the IRS…. I now owe $8000. wow!!!…”
I am so pleased I came to Victory Tax Solutions for my tax problem… I owed around $610,000 for several years of back taxes owed to the IRS. I now only owe $8000. Victory saved me $600,000 and the tax attorneys and settlement officers were extremely professional throughout the entire process. Heather G. was my tax attorney assigned to my case. She was very helpful and easy to reach. I am so pleased with their work ethic, and will be sending any friends their way that need tax help. THANK YOU VICTORY!!!
— P.P. Florida, 2013
“I made the right choice for my tax problems…”
Victory Tax Solutions is the right company to provide anyone with the confidence, trust, and results needed to get through troubled tax situations. Today, lifestyles encounter economic times that turn lives upside down. People need a company on their side to battle these misfortunes. Victory Tax Solutions is a better choice for these mis-fortunes. They are efficient in getting positive results with IRS, knowledge of tax laws is the best in the field, and accomodate your budget with excellent payment plans. Being a customer of VTS gave me the opportunity to move forward knowing I made the right choice for my tax problems, with a good position to avoid future tax problems. Thank you VTS for the fast service and solid results you provided me with the confidence of making right choice, and opportunity to get past these tough economic times.
— sleepbetter488, 2013
“Your company is the most professional company I have ever dealt with…”
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all at Victory Tax Solutions. Your company is the most professional company I have ever dealt with. I was truly surprised at how quickly you resolved my case and I sleep better at night because of you people. You communicated to me all of the complexities of my situation and did exactly what you said you would do. Sincerest Thank’s!
— RS. New York, 2013
“I am very impressed…”
I am very impressed with your company, and will be coming back next year for you to prepare my 2013 taxes.
— Returning in 2014, 2013
“Hard working and dedicated…”
I came to Victory owing $20,000, and not knowing what to do or where to turn. I spoke with the IRS and they wanted over $1000 per month as a payment plan, and you got that down to $265 per month, much more manageable. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to my case, and will recommend your company to anyone I know who has tax issues..
— B.W. Maryland, 2013
“Impressed with service…”
I was so impressed with the time and detail Rebekah put into my tax return, I am looking forward to having her file my 2013 return. Rebekah educated me on several deductions that I was not utilizing in previous years for my home office, so thank you for maximizing my return this year!
— Rick M. Michigan, 2013
“Sleepless nights no more…”
When I reached out to Victory Tax Solutions, I was scared, could not sleep, and did not know what I was going to do because I owed the IRS $100,000.00. Victory Tax Solutions resolved my IRS problem and I am so grateful. What Separates Victory from other Tax Resolution companies is their professionalism, communication and their compassion. I really felt that they cared about me. I was also very satisfied with their fees as I am a single mother raising 2 children. Thank You Victory Tax Solutions.
— C.B. Missouri, 2013
“No longer afraid…”
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you. I was so afraid but you folks took care of everything and saved me thousands!
— T.G. Wisconsin, 2013
“Valuable advice and honest…”
I called Victory Tax Solutions and spoke with Steven Hook. I had gotten a letter from the State of Wisconsin and I was nervous to say the least. I explained my situation to Mr. Hook and he advised me of what to do. His advice was valuable and I was able to resolve the situation. I really believe that another Tax company would have taken advantage of my situation in the spirit of extracting fees. I Trust Victory Tax Solutions and would recommend them to anyone with a Tax Problem.
— R.A. Wisconsin, 2013
“So very grateful…”
I am so grateful for Victory Tax Solutions. When I called them, I could not sleep at night because I was worried that the IRS would take my life savings. Thanks to Attorney Jennifer Long, my IRS situation is resolved and my savings account is safe and I sleep better at night.
— T.C. California, 2013
“Outstanding service…”
What more can I say? Sometimes numbers speak louder than words!
I’d like to tell you what outstanding service I received from your firm. My Victory team was led by Attorney Heather G. She did a fantastic job of analyzing my tax problem in a very concise manner. She efficiently formulated a solution and was responsive to my questions. As a retiree on limited income, you can imagine the stress I was under with that liability hanging over my head. This result was far better than I expected. Many thanks to Ms. Heather and the support staff that helped me solve this huge problem!
— J.M. California, 2013
“Damn, they’re good!…”
My first contact with Victory Tax Solutions was with Steven Hook who immediately put my mind at ease about my tax problems. As time went on and I talked with Rebekah O. it seemed that everyone that worked for Victory was working my case. although I feel certain I wasn’t their only case, they were just good at what they did and that confidence spilled over to me. The whole thing boils down to one thing…..
— J.J., 2013
“I am 110 % Satisfied with Victory Tax…”
I am 110 % Satisfied with Victory Tax solutions, They are everything the Better Business Bureau Said they were. I chose Victory Tax Solutions because of their name due to the word Victory being close to my heart. I sleep much better at night since Victory has resolved my Tax situation and I would recommend their Company to any one who has Tax issues.
— K.M. Michigan, 2013
“I am very pleased with Victory Tax…”
I am very pleased with Victory Tax Solutions and the work they did for Rachel and I. We owed the IRS and the State of Pennsylvania a lot of money and could not sleep at night worrying about it. Victory and their staff did everything they said they would and were very professional through it all. Rachel and I could not be happier and the result was better than we expected. Thank You Victory Tax Solutions!
— L.M. Pennsylvania, 2013
“You guys at Victory are awesome, you did…”
You guys at Victory are awesome, you did everything you said you would. From the first day when I talked to Steve I felt good about your company. Everyone in which I spoke with or corresponded with were extremely professional. I am so glad to have this behind me and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks again!
— B.L. Indiana, 2013
“I have to write and thank you and your…”
I have to write and thank you and your staff at Victory Tax Solutions for the wonderful service you provided to me and my husband. We were stressed to the max when a letter and garnishment came on the same day for back taxes we owed. Your prompt and compassionate response to our concerns was a wonderful surprise and the quick resolution and arrangements with the IRS removed his garnishment and restored his paycheck, his dignity and ensured he maintained his executive position without incident in one week. I would tell anyone needing assistance with their tax issues to call Victory Tax Solutions. Please pass along to your staff this letter and thank everyone that worked with you on our behalf.
— R Smythe, 2013
“Rebekah was very helpful in getting me…”
Rebekah was very helpful in getting me all of the deductions I qualified for. She was always available to answer my many questions. I’m very happy with Victory Tax Solutions.
— Leo. New Mexico, 2013
“I am a truck driver and it is very…”
I am a truck driver and it is very difficult to find the time to take care of my personal business..I was very pleased with the work done by Steve Hook and Victory Tax Solutions. They were very professional and handled my situation quickly and efficiently. The entire staff was very helpful with any questions or concerns I had. I would definitely recommend Victory Tax Solutions.
— M. Neosho. Missouri, 2013
“I have never worked with a more…”
I have never worked with a more professional company in my entire career as a businessman. I came to you owing over $50,000, and after you got me current on my filings, I only owe less than $5,000. I hope that my customers feel the same way about me as I do about your company!
— Ben. Tennessee, 2013
“Rebekah, Thank you again for taking the…”
Rebekah, Thank you again for taking the time to explain everything to me on Saturday!! I was feeling very frustrated about the situation and appreciate you going above and beyond to ease that frustration, on a weekend no less.
— Maria R. Ohio, 2013
“Thank you so much over and over for…”
Thank you so much over and over for giving us hope! I just got lost in the back wash and don’t do any numbers at all. I wish I could help make things better. After my brain accident, about 6 years ago, numbers are not my friend. So I will work on not mixing up papers. No matter the outcome, Please know how important you are to us. Thanks.
— SW, 2013
“Made my life easier…”
You guys have done a great job so far, you’ve kept the IRS off my back, and made my life easier.
— Ransom. Rhode Island, 2013
“After several years of not addressing…”
After several years of not addressing my back tax issues, I decided it was time for a resolution. After interviewing a few other companies that offer a similar service, someone recommended Victory Tax Solutions. After my first consultation, I felt completely at ease. Steve Hook, senior settlement officer has been working tirelessly on my case. He’s almost always available by phone day or night to answer any of my questions. I would highly recommend Victory Tax to anyone in a similar situation.
— Chris Gallagher, Massachusetts
“You have been a joy to work with…”
You have been a joy to work with and you’ve helped my family dig out of a terrible situation.
You were there for us when we thought we’d lose everything. You brought us hope, sanity and calm while guiding us through the storm. We’re very grateful for all that you’ve done and Victory is very lucky to have you!
Thanks again.
— JB. Illinios, 2013
“Exceptionally responsive and reliable…”
Victory Tax Solutions is a firm I’d be pleased to recommend to anyone. The attorney on my case, Rebekah Osterman, was exceptionally responsive and reliable and did a great job. She worked very hard to get a prompt resolution to my tax problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Victory again.
— 2013
“You guys have taken the stress off my back…”
You guys have taken the stress off my back, and placed it on yours. I will be recommending you to anyone I know who is in trouble with the IRS. Becky is a saint.
— Jerry B. Illinois, 2013
“Better than I could hope for…”
Victory Tax Solutions helped me with a very serious situation and I am very grateful for all of their work on my case. I don’t know how I would have made it through this with out them. The resolution they attained was better than I could hope for.
— JC. North Carolina, 2013
“I am happy beyond words!!!…”
Victory Tax Solution did an excellent job . When I called Victory Tax Solutions, the IRS claimed that I owed them 25000 dollars. Thanks to Victory, I have no debt with the IRS. They were very professional courteous and informative throughout the entire Process.
— D.O. Michigan, 2013
“I owed the IRS 18 thousand dollars.…”
When I called Victory Tax Solutions, I owed the IRS 18 thousand dollars. Thanks to VTS, I don’t owe the IRS anything. I would recommend Victory Tax Solutions to anyone who has problems with the IRS.
— R.D. Virginia, 2013
“I think you all are the greatest thing…”
I think you all are the greatest thing since popcorn; you got me out of a bind since I came on board with you. I really enjoyed it. Your payments are right, you work with the people, and I enjoy that; you treat people like they want to be treated.
— RR, Texas, 2013
“You were the first people who actually…”
You were the first people who actually took my phone call and talked to me You’ve been very good to me, and I know that when I call you will answer the phone. When somebody has been sitting in the boat I’ve been sitting in, that means a lot.
— Tracy C. New York, 2013
“Wow, I am so excited!…”
After putting my tax situation on the back burner for five years, I finally got the strength to address the problem. I am so happy I found Victory Tax Solutions on the internet. My problem was solved in three weeks. What a fantastic company with fantastic people. Highly recommended!
— Dave B. California, 2013
“I have always done my taxes myself, this…”
I have always done my taxes myself, this year I didn’t have the time or the energy to go through all the stress. Danielle worked with me to get everything in place and Sandy was very thorough and professional. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I was able to relax and have someone else take the stress this year. The result was the best refund I have ever had because Sandy knew what to look for! I just think everyone at Victory is awesome and I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends.
— 2013
“Victory was the only firm that worked up a payment plan for me…”
I had gone to several law offices and other tax relief firms. They all wanted big money up front and said it would take 8 months to resolve my tax situation. Victory was the only firm that worked out a payment plan with me and completely resolved my case within 6 weeks. I had this problem with the IRS for years and Victory took care of it within a few weeks. I am recommending them to a few friends who currently have IRS and State tax problems.
— William B. Pennsylvania, 2013
“Unbelievable is all I can say.…”
Unbelievable is all I can say. I thought I was in a no-win situation and would owe the IRS a lot of money, Settlement Officer and Tax Attorney took the time to hear what I had to say and then worked on finding a resolution. The Tax Attorney filed my taxes that were not filed and made an amendment to some that were and I actually wound up getting a refund from the IRS! I would definitely recommend your team to anyone I knew that had IRS issues.
— 2013
“I am a senior citizen, and talking with…”
I am a senior citizen, and talking with someone over the phone and agreeing to work with them is very scary. But Settlement Officer made me feel very comfortable and seemed very trustworthy, and it proved to be true. Your company saved me almost $65,000 off of what I owed to the IRS. You also worked very quickly and made a lady feel very comfortable and respected.Thank you so very much!
— 2013
“You guys were so wonderful!…”
You guys were so wonderful! The Tax Attorney was very professional and Account Executive convinced me to put my trust, and it was well worth it. I can not believe how fast your company was able to resolve my tax problem and remove the levy on my wages! Again thank you so much and I would definitely refer anyone I know to you.
— Sandra S. Texas, 2013
“I really appreciate all you have done.…”
I really appreciate all you have done. You could have dragged this out but you didn’t. You really took good care of me to get rid of this problem. Thank you so very much.
— Scott H. Michigan, 2013
“Deeply grateful for your fine work…”
Dear Victory Tax : I am very happy that you have remembered me at Christmas. I am of course deeply grateful for your fine work on my behalf.
— A.S. New York, 2013
“All I can say is OMG!…”
All I can say is OMG! Victory took a very scary situation and made everything o.k. again! The team working on my case explained everything and answered all of my questions. Wonderful Service!
— Bastin. Texas, 2013
“The team at Victory was outstanding!…”
The team at Victory was outstanding! Everyone was quick and efficient, all of the worry I had has been settled now. I would recommend Victory Tax Solutions 100%!
— J. Jackson. Texas, 2013
“Unbelievable service…”
Unbelievable service, the team has lifted a gigantic weight off of my shoulders!
— R.S. Alabama, 2013
“To all of you – Thank you thank you…”
To all of you – Thank you thank you thank you for figuring all this out – I know it’s been CRAZY!!!!
— A.M. Oklahoma, 2013
“I am crazy about Jim!…”
I am crazy about Jim! He always knows my voice when I call and he is always happy to help me. I really believe in Jim.
— Joyce S. Georgia, 2013
“When you say you are going to do…”
When you say you are going to do something you do. You have been very prompt and very straight forward about my situation. Victory has been very helpful and made me feel comfortable from my first phone call. I shopped around and I chose Victory because Steve really seemed to care about what is happening with me.
— Donald B. Florida, 2013
“I am very happy with the service…”
I am very happy with the service I received from all of the staff members at Victory, they really show they care.
— Warren H. Colorado, 2013
“I nearly fainted when the IRS said I…”
I nearly fainted when the IRS said I owed $123,000.00 !!! I didn’t know what to do and was paralyzed with fear. In fact, I even worked for the IRS at one time and I know how they operate. My husband passed away several years ago, and I was very scared. This stress even caused me to undergo surgery. I contacted Victory Tax Solutions and they took care of everything; negotiated with the IRS, filed my taxes appropriately and found a resolution. Your team was in constant contact with me the whole time giving me updates and telling me where we stood. I would recommend Victory to anyone! Thank you so much!
— Elizabeth R. Florida, 2013
“I appreciate that Mrs Finkiewicz went…”
I appreciate that Mrs Finkiewicz went out of her way to help me in my time of need. In a time of real need and when I was scared to death of the IRS and did not know what to do, Victory Tax came through and took the fear of God out of me. They were very understanding and helped me and took their time and care with me. Thank you Victory Tax Solutions!
— Steven W. Texas, 2013
“I can’t say enough good things about…”
I can’t say enough good things about Becky and Sandy, working with them I felt truly blessed! The team at Victory took my case and were very nice to me, everyone I spoke to showed they have a heart and care about their clients. They took the time to listen to my situation, they were understanding, and they calmed my nerves so that I could sleep at night. They solved my problem with the IRS and I am in a far better situation now than I was when I called them. They really got the job done!
— A.P. Indiana, 2013
“It’s always nice to put a face with the voice of the people!…”
It’s always nice to put a face with the voice of the people you deal with and also want to say thanx for what you have done for me so far. I know there is still more to do but the comfort level I have with your firm makes life a whole lot easier to face in these times. Again thank you and I will see you on Tuesday!
— 2013
“Attorney Ms. Osterman did a superb job!…”
Victory’s Attorney, Ms. Osterman, did a superb job. I didn’t think I would get a payment so low. She really came through for me and helped me get a great result I can more than live with. She just made my day!
— Danny D. Illinois, 2013
“The Victory Team sure relieved a lot of pressure off me…”
Ms. Claes told me she would get me out of hot water. And, boy did she! The Victory Tax Solutions team sure relieved a lot of pressure off me!
— Jimmy S. Texas, 2013
“I originally owed $115,000… I now owe less than $4500…”
I’m very excited! The Victory Tax Solutions team did a wonderful job! I became very ill several years ago and was in a real financial bind. I originally owed approximately $115,000.00 between Federal and State combined. I now owe less than $4,500.00. I really appreciate what these folks have done!
— Daniel B. Wyoming, 2013
“The Friendliness and service have been Great!…”
Our service has beenExcellent. Mr. Hook and Ms Hahn have really made him feel like his situation is important to us, we care, and are going to help him take care of this problem with the IRS.
— Steve G. Michigan, 2013
“Even better than I expected…”
I was referred to Victory by a buddy of mine who had worked with Victory in the past and had a good experience. I was leery about whether or not Victory could get me into a payment I could afford because the IRS gave me a payment amount that I knew I could never make. I called Victory and they have been Great! My attorney Rebekah worked very hard on my behalf and was able to get me a payment that was even better than I expected. She did such a great job that I am having her work out my issues with the State as well.

Thank you Rebekah, and Thank you Victory!
— S.G., 2013
“She Just Made My Day!!!…”
Victory’s Attorney, Ms. Osterman, did a superb job. I didn’t think I would get a payment so low. She really came through for me and helped me get a great result I can more than live with. She just made my day!
— Danny D. Illinois, 2013
“Victory has reduced my debt…”
Victory has reduced my debt to a manageable amount that I can pay out monthly.So I am writing this letter not only to praise Victory but also the BBB’s rating system because they were the reason I chose Victory. January of 2012 I received a notice from the IRS stating my tax debt was approximately $50,000. I have dealt with the same helpful agent from day one. He has always been courteous and very knowledgeable and gave me step by step instructions on exactly what i needed to do to resolve my issue as well as what to expect.
— R.C. South Carolina, 2013
“I trust victory tax solutions…”
I trust victory tax solutions and would recommend them to anyone in my situation. I owed the IRS $90,000. I was scared and could not stop thinking about it. I was losing sleep and had difficulty focusing on the things that were important. The IRS was going to garnish my wages. I had no idea how I could get by if that happened. I called Victory Tax Solutions and they stopped the garnishment and found a solution to my problem.
— T. Briggs. Florida, 2013
“Victory Tax Solutions is Trustworthy…”
Victory Tax Solutions is trustworthy, honest and damn good at what they do!! My business relationship with Steve Hook and Victory Tax Solutions has been a blessing for my family. From the first conversation with Steve I felt the confidence he had in taking on my tax issue and finding a way to resolve the problem. He was honest on my options, he didn’t promise me something to get my business and then shift gears. I had spoken with a competing firm before calling Steve and was not impressed with their sincerity. I felt just the opposite with Victory Tax Solutions. The service was professional, a personal interest was taken in my families situation. When we hit bumps in the road, Steve was honest and presented options. Set, Mr. Silver and their entire team did a great job and resolved my issues beyond what I expected. This is the right team.
— R.S., 2013
“I really was nervous.…”
I really was nervous… I was afraid all these so called tax companies were a rip-off. I am a recovering drug addict and do not trust a lot of people. After speaking with my Victory representative, he really took the time to listen to what I had to say. He really made me feel comfortable. I believe Mr. Placido is going to be the first big step in me re-gaining control over my life. Thank you Mr. Placido for not treating me like a criminal and taking the time to listen.
— Warren. Missouri, 2013
“I cant express how grateful I am.…”
I cant express how grateful I am. Thank you so very much. I did receive a confirmation email from my payroll department regarding the garnishment release. I hope you know how much this means to me.
— Diane. Michigan, 2013
“Victory Tax Solutions offerd me the…”
Victory Tax Solutions offerd me the piece of mind to know that they could help solve my tax issues. I thought I was going to lose my home and VICTORY helped me to achieve VICTORY!
— E. Taylor. Maryland, 2013
“I truly, truly appreciate all of your help…”
I truly, truly appreciate all of your help. I was in a panic with all that was going on, and you helped calm me down. Thank you and Victory Tax Solutions for all you have done for me.
— Renee. Texas, 2014
“Victory has been a lifesaver!…”
Victory has been a lifesaver!!! I would definitely recommend Victory. My Settlement Officer was very understanding. They set up an affordable payment plan for me and I couldn’t be happier with my resolution.
— 2013
“Victory handled all our tax needs…”
Victory handled all our tax needs promptly and were there to answer any questions that came up. We were very pleased with their service and would recommend them.
— Michael M. Mississippi, 2013
“I found Victory Tax Solutions in the…”
I found Victory Tax Solutions in the phone book and they were excellent to work with. They took very good care of me and I am now on a payment plan I can afford. I am a truck driver and on the road all the time, but Victory made it easy to work with them. During my investigation, the IRS changed my contact person and if I hadn’t been represented by Victory’s tax attorneys, I would have been in bad shape.
— R. James. Georgia, 2013
“I had an excellent experience”
I had an excellent experience with Victory, Jim was very responsive to my needs and I was very satisfied with the resolution Victory was able to help me with. I highly recommend Victory.
— 2013
“I love Victory.…”
I love Victory. They worked with me every way possible. Starla was kind and worked out a payment plan. My representative, Starla called once or twice and a lawyer called once and in 3 weeks they had a resolution! I would rate my overall experience with Victory a 5 (on a scale of 1-5) and would recommend them to family and friends.
— 2013