Tax Attorney in Ann Arbor

by Louis Meeks on December 13, 2014 in Blog


What is a tax attorney? What do they do? How can a tax attorney help me? These are a few questions that come to mind when a taxpayer is searching for tax assistance. This is usually after the taxpayer has received a notice or bill from the IRS or State requesting an audit, payment on a tax liability, or enforcing a levy or garnishment. This blog is to assist taxpayers who are in search of a tax attorney to resolve their tax issues.

What is a tax attorney?

A tax attorney is an individual who has earned a bachelor’s degree from a University. Once the bachelor’s is earned, the tax attorney is then required to take additional training and education at a law school (a graduate/professional school).  This earns the individual a Juris Doctor. Once the degree is earned, the law school graduate then takes a series of exams to become licensed to practice. A tax attorney is an individual who has gone through this process and has chosen to then specialize in the area of Taxation. This may involve tax resolution, tax preparation, tax planning etc.

What do tax attorneys do?

Tax attorneys can participate in different areas of a taxpayer’s tax issue. However, taxpayers with tax issues such as tax debt should look for an attorney who has experience with Tax Resolution. This may involve negotiating an Installment Agreement, negotiating a Tax Settlement, Abating Penalties and Interest, Defending Audits, etc. The tax attorney should have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the Tax Resolution process as quickly and easily as possible. However, not all resolutions are quick and easy and the expertise of a tax attorney in handling complex issues is priceless.

What can I gain by choosing a tax attorney?

By working with a tax attorney you are granted the ease of knowing that the individual who is handling your case has been licensed by the state bar. This individual is also bound by legal ethics and responsibilities. You also gain an individual that has high levels of qualifications and practice rights.

Where are tax attorneys located?

Victory Tax Solutions employs full time tax attorneys at its Ann Arbor, Michigan office. Ann Arbor is located in the lower eastern part of Michigan. However, the tax attorneys at Victory Tax Solutions are not limited to tax issues that arise out of Ann Arbor. The tax attorneys have experience with assisting taxpayers located throughout the United States.

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