So, you’ve gotten a notice from the IRS—your wages are being garnished… now what?

by Victory Tax Solutions on February 9, 2012 in Blog

You have received multiple notices from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about tax collection, but you never thought it would come to this! Now you are overwhelmed, nervous, and scared for your financial future. How are supposed to support yourself and your family on partial wages?

First, know—YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are thousands of hard-working people out there who simply never had time to file or pay their taxes and now their wages are being garnished by the IRS!

Secondly, you should know how wage garnishment works. The IRS assessed what you owe in taxes and sent several written notices demanding payment (sound familiar?). After multiple notices and a specified time deadline, when the IRS did not receive payment, they sent a notice to your employer informing him or her that they will be taking a portion of your wages to pay off your debt. Your employer has no choice but to comply. Now, for the first time in this mess, your livelihood has been affected AND your boss knows you’re in financial trouble.

Why is the IRS doing this and what do they want?

The IRS wants to you to become compliant with your taxes and initiate a resolution plan. And, the most lethal way to get a person’s attention is to start taking their money! What do we mean by becoming compliant? This means abiding by the law. You’re in this situation and it needs to get figured out.

“Tell me what the first step is!”

THEY (the IRS) know exactly what they want, but do you? Perhaps, in the last ten years, you’ve filed your taxes two or three times—do you remember when those were? The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you know exactly what the IRS wants from you. The fastest way to do this is to call them and ask. Calling can be scary, though, and IRS agents tend to interrogate you—asking personal questions about your bank accounts, house payments, and credit cards—stuff that’s not their business!

But, YOU don’t have to call!

This is why we recommend having a professional call on your behalf! A Tax Attorney knows the law and will not give away unnecessary personal information! They will simply find out what the IRS is looking for so they can help get you back on track and receiving your complete paycheck as soon as possible!

Once you know what you owe, a tax attorney or professional will help you find the solution that will save you the most money on what you owe—often settling for an amount that is a fraction of what you owe!

What’s important is to remember that although there are many Americans experiencing the same tax difficulties as you, every situation is a little bit unique. It’s all about finding the best possible resolution for YOU! To help determine what’s best for you, reach out to an expert NOW! Don’t wait!

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